The 12th annual Food and Drink Festival in Cheltenham featuring great speakers in the industry, sharing culinery delights.

19th – 21st June 2020

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Our featured guest...

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Everything you need to know about New Zealand Wines, wine Masterclass with Joe Wadsack.

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Free Wine Talks & Tastings
Free Drink Talks & Tastings
Free Chef Cooking Demonstrations


Do you know what is included in your ticket price?

• Select wine talks
• Chef cooking demonstrations
• Select drinks experince
• Street theatre
• Festival music
• Children’s entertainment

Our festival goers

A great weekend!

James, Tom, Ruth


Our annual trip to The food & drink is one of our favourite festivals in the town. Its a great way to relax, listen to great music and try new food.

Tim, Matt, Craig


We go straight to the beer tent and try the variety of beers on offer. Its a great social event and worth just popping up from Ciren. The champaign tent is worth going too.

Karen, Steve, Will, Luke


We jump on the train and walk up its not far. I love the variety of stalls that are on offer. Last year we went 2 food talks and 1 wine talk. Great experience!

Our Featured Entertainment

The Giant Balloon Show

This will have you in stitches and in awe simultaneously. Expect feverous balloon sculptures, high energy comic performance and of course  the all-important giant balloon! Take everything you know about balloons; twist that into a theatrical experience, add a clown and an 80’s soundtrack and you have The Giant Balloon Show!

Stuart Woolfenden

A solo artist from Redditch performing original music on his acoustic guitar, which he describes as ‘pop with influences from punk and rock’. He has had a total of 14 different songs played on BBC Introducing, including BBC Radio 6 with his song ‘I’ve Seen It All’, after Tom Robinson chose it for his BBC Introducing Mixtape. 

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Chef talks

The Punk Chef 20/06/19 12-1pm

See an new and up coming chef who is deaf give a bad ass talk on his culinery delights

our talks

An array of fabulous talks ranging from chef talks through to wine experiences. Don’t forget our masterclasses where you can learn from the very best in their field.

Masterclasses are an additional cost. 

Chef talks

Our talks are on a number of culinary topics and countries.

Wine talks

Taste wines from various grape varieties and countries.


Watch a true master at work and learn from the very best.

Cheese masterclass

For the cheese lovers among you, a superb masterclass.


Do you know your
Brie from your stilton?

A cheese lovers dream to sample the delights on offer in our masterclasses. Experience cheeses from around the world and learn about what goes with what.

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