Prosecco DOC What’s All The Fizz About?

The UK’s most popular sparkling wine has become synonymous with joy, celebration and ‘La Dolce Vita’ (the good life). We purchase more Prosecco in the UK than any other sparkling wine and this informal and fun tasting will reveal the secrets behind Prosecco’s success.

Discover the latest from the Prosecco DOC in North East Italy as you taste your way through wines from different producers, featuring brut, extra dry and Prosecco DOC Millesimato Rosé! You’ll learn about the different styles of Prosecco including spumante, frizzante and colfondo, and Neil will explain what’s going on in Proseccoland including:

• The history of Prosecco.

• Stories behind the featured producers.

• Organic Prosecco DOC wines and vegan friendly Prosecco DOC wines 

• Prosecco DOC Rosé Millesimato 

• Prosecco with food and how great Prosecco is in cocktails.

• Visiting the Prosecco DOC producers and staying in Treviso, also home of Tiramisu.

Hosted by Prosecco DOC’s UK ambassador, Neil Phillips aka The Wine Tipster. Professional wine, bubbles and horseracing expert, Neil Phillips, has combined his three life-long passions to forge a unique career spanning over three decades.

As The Wine Tipster, Neil’s work is never dull. He puts his accomplished presenting skills to good use within the racing and wine worlds and is committed to making both industries accessible to all audiences – from first-time Prosecco DOC drinkers to experienced racing experts. Neil’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for his craft makes every event with him memorable.

Prosecco DOC
Prosecco DOC