Crafting prestige quality, alcohol liberated wines

Discover ZENO alcohol-liberated non-alcoholic wines in this free wine talk and tasting and enjoy a new dimension in wine enjoyment. 
ZENO has four styles, wines are Vegan and from Organic vines, this truly one wine class you do not want to miss!

The process of making ZENO wine begins in our vineyards in central Spain, where organically grown vines nestle on undulating hills, surrounded by picturesque almond orchards and sheep grazing in fertile fields.

At harvest, parcels of only the best fruit are selected, with specific qualities tailored for getting the perfect result through the de-alcoholisation process.

Carefully vinified in our world class winery, the wines are then meticulously blended, before the alcohol is gently removed using the world’s most advanced technology.

Finally, further extensive blending and tasting follows, led by ZENO’s resident MW, to achieve wines with regional expression and sophisticated aroma and flavour qualities.

Discover ZENO wines today in this free wine talk and tasting and enjoy a new dimension in wine enjoyment.

This wine talk is free, so no pre-booked tickets and runs for 45minutes with wine sampling, it is a case of arriving 15minutes minimum before the tasting starts, it is first come first seated.


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