Cotswold Wines: A Sense of Time and Place

Fiona Shiner is too humble to admit that it took a lot of guts and determination to plant vines in the Cotswolds in the early 2000s. Almost all England’s vineyards were (and still are) concentrated in the southeast of the country and there was very little support available locally.

Her belief that the location, aspect and soil were right for vinegrowing has literally borne fruit and now she is producing over 100,000 bottles of still and sparkling wine a year. People living in the Cotswolds are very proud of the Woodchester wine produced here and the awards prove that the southwest can be just as good as the southeast!

The wines in this wine class are TBC:

This wine talk is free, so no pre-booked tickets and runs for 45minutes with wine sampling, it is a case of arriving 15minutes minimum before the tasting starts, it is first come first seated.

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