Kwoklyn Wan – 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Kwoklyn is a third-generation Chinese chef: BBC (British-Born Chinese). He’s also the brother of TV celebrity Gok Wan and both boys grew up working in their family’s Cantonese Restaurant in Leicester in the 1970s.

Now a third-generation restaurateur, Kwoklyn Wan was born to eat his way through life, to explore the culinary delights and taste the world we live in.

I’ve feel so lucky to have been able to share my knowledge in a myriad of Magazines & Newspapers, on the Radio, at Live Events and even on ITV This Morning, and now via the pages of my book The Chinese Takeaway Cookbook, which is The Ultimate Guide to re-creating your Favourite Chinese dishes at home. 

Kwoklyn is the Face of ‘John Banks Big & Tall Uk’, Ambassador to the NSPCC and LAMP charities and supporter of the ‘Help Us Grieve’ charity, HUG.

Kwoklyn Wan Asian recipes are packed with delicious, fresh and vibrant mind-blowing flavours and surprises from all over East Asia. Get your wok on!

Facebook:  @BigWan888

Twitter:  @kwoklyn_wan