Wines of Germany – An Introduction to German Riesling

Wines of Germany invites you to a lively and informative tasting of Germany’s famous dry Rieslings! In a guided tasting and talk led by German wine expert and sommelier Emily Harman, explore Germany’s star variety, learn what makes the grape so versatile, and hear about the talented people behind the bottles. We’ll also be letting you in on Germany’s sparkling secret, Sekt!

You will have the opportunity to taste four wines and enjoy lively discussion with Emily in a Q&A.

  • 2012 Riesling, Marcobrunn Sekt Extra Brut, Schloss Reinhartshausen, Rheingau
  • 2021 Riesling, Waitrose Blueprint German Dry, Moselland, Mosel
  • 2021 Riesling, S Trocken, Peter & Barbara Klein, Pfalz
  • 2018 Riesling, Westhofener Riesling, Katharina Wechsler, Rheinhessen

There is so much more to German Wine, discover today the range and diversity of their wines in today’s tasting.

German Wines