Summer in Sicily - Italy

We invite you to immerse yourself in the sun-kissed aura of Sicilian wines, where ancient vines weave stories of abundance, biodiversity, sustainability and the sweet allure of “la dolce vita.”

Sicily, the jewel of the Mediterranean, is a canvas painted with lush greenery and kissed by the azure waves of the sea. Here, the magic of nature comes alive in every sip of wine. As you explore the Sicilian wines in our collection, we encourage you to embrace the whimsical and ethereal atmosphere that this enchanting island offers. Let the flavors transport you to cobblestone streets filled with music and laughter. Feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sun in every sip and let the salty sea breeze caress your senses.

Located in the countryside of mainland Sicily where the terrain is a mixture of red sand & clay, on the hills of Caltagirone; the home & capital of traditional ceramics. Judeka is a “Green Cantina”, the owners focus on respect for nature and the vines, using organic farming techniques.

They believe that transparency is fundamental and they want the whole world to see how they work. This cantina originates from a place called “heart” because the heart expresses each of their passions and their passion is wine! Judeka’s message to us all is “everything that comes from the heart is possible”. 

Their wines taste incredible and the bottles are stunning too, you can taste and see their passion in every bottle, such a pleasure to drink. 

Wines of Sicily tasting.

  • Judeka- Vino Spumante SOLITARIO- Zibibbo (Sicily’s answer to Prosecco).
  • Judeka- Grillo (light and green white wine, classic Sicilian choice).
  • Judeka- Frarosa- Frappato (A lightly sparkling rose made from a red grape, burst of strawberry, the ultimate garden party tipple).
  • Judeka- Nero D’Avola (A fruity and easy drinking red, another Sicilian classic).
  • Judeka- Cerasuolo- Frappato e Nero d’avola blend (full of cherry, sage and chocolate, a medium to full summer red).

Our Story

I’m Angelica and I’m the founder of The Italian Wine Shop. I’m a British Italian lass from Yorkshire with a passion for wine, and an ex-professional snowboarder, of all things. I started this company to offer wines with a genuine story that fill your heart with joy and inspires memory-making.

The Italian Wine Shop has the desire to bring diverse, stunning, small-batch production Italian wines to the UK market, while sharing the experiences, memories, and feelings when uncorking a fabulous bottle of something delicious.

This is a one hour masterclass, includes sampling of the above wine. Tickets are £10.00 per person to help cover the wine cost, tickets are on sale via the website or on the day (if available). Tickets are limited.

Wine Tasting