Sizzling Summer wine trends with Amelia Singer – Wine Masterclass – 4.15pm to 5.15pm

For summer, we tend to reach for whatever Rose is lying around and perhaps a few ice cubes. Rose is absolutely a top summer player but there are plenty of other wine styles to discover.

Come taste with Amelia Singer,  experience wines from around the world, in a range of colours, that will tantalise the tastebuds and which also have fantastic backstories . This summer let the wine in your glass stand up to the BBQ on offer – no ice cubes needed!

Join Amelia on this discovery of some of  best summer wines.

Amelia Singer – Internationally award winning wine communicator and Educator, HULU TV presenter on The Wine Show, previous Wine Writer for the UK’ s most read Food Magazine (Waitrose), UK Ambassador for the California Wine Institute.

Amelia considers wine to be a lens through which we can see the entire world. It brings together culture, food, travel, politics and social trends to enhance our lives; acting as a social glue to bring people together.

This Masterclass is £7.00 and can be booked online via our ticket page. The Wine Masterclass is for one hour and includes sampling of awesome Kiwi wine.

Instagram:  @amelias_wine

Twitter:  @amelias_wine