Everything you wanted to know about RUM, but were afraid to ask…

Join us for an Unforgettable Rum Experience with Ian Burrell, The Rum Ambassador!

Prepare your taste buds for a journey into the world of Rum like never before! We are thrilled to announce that Ian Burrell, renowned as The Rum Ambassador, is back to share his unparalleled passion for everything Rum at our upcoming food festival.

What to Expect: Ian’s masterclasses are not just informative; they’re an immersive and entertaining experience! Get ready to dive into the rich history, diverse flavors, and cultural significance of Rum. With Ian’s expertise, you’ll explore a curated assortment of Rums that will tantalize your palate and leave you with a newfound appreciation for this iconic spirit.


  • Engaging and entertaining presentation
  • An excellent assortment of Rums to taste and savor
  • Deep insights into the world of Rum, its production, and unique characteristics
  • Q&A session for all your burning Rum-related questions

Ian will guide you through the wonderful world of Rum with 6 carefully selected styles of the drink that is more than a spirit…It’s a way of life.  

This Masterclass is £10.00 and can be booked online via our ticket page. The Rum Masterclass is for one hour and includes six unique Rum samplings.