Wild Wine: Adventures on a biodynamic English vineyard – 11.00am to 11.45am

Limeburn Hill Vineyard, near Bristol, makes natural wine using their own biodynamic grapes fermented solely with the wild yeast from the vineyard.

Robin Snowdon, winemaker and vineyard manager, will guide you through a tasting of their wines while introducing the principles of biodynamic agriculture. He will explain what makes biodynamic wine so special and how this natural and sustainable method creates authentic wines intimately connected with place.

More and more of the world’s best winemakers are converting to biodynamic methods in their vineyards. So much so, that currently there are over 600 Demeter certified biodynamic vineyards. These include over 250 in France and Italy, 75 in Germany, over 40 in Switzerland, 49 in New Zealand, and even as far as Brazil, which boasts 2 biodynamic vineyards. The UK currently has 9 vineyards including the award winning Sedlescombe, East Sussex, Ancre Hills in Monouthshire & Albury, in Surrey.

Winemakers interested in producing top quality wines, all share the same mission and ultimate challenge: to create wines that express the ‘terrior’ (sense of place) by embracing nature, the soil and allowing the wine to speak for itself. 


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