Cheese Masterclass -S- 5.00pm to 6.00pm

Caws Cenarth is the oldest established producer of Welsh Farmhouse Caerffili. As well as the plain Caerffili, Caws Cenarth also produces other varieties, Garlic and Herb Caerffili and Smoked Caerffili.

More recently, Carwyn has developed new cheeses, including the Brie-like Perl Wen, a creamy blue, Perl Las, and Golden Cenarth, a washed-rind cheese with a powerful flower – and winner of the Supreme Champion accolade at the British Cheese Awards 2010.

Caws Cenarth is a family business started by Gwynfor and Thelma Adams in 1987 in response to Milk Quotas. Here, on their farm, Glyneithinog, in the lovely and lush valley of the river Cych, they drew on a six-generation tradition of cheesemaking and Caws Cenarth quickly established a reputation for its creamy, fresh-flavoured Caerffili.

With this cheese masterclass, you will sample a fantastic range of Welsh cheese which will be paired with delicious wine chosen for these cheese’s.

This Masterclass is £6.00 and can be booked online via our ticket page. The Cheese Masterclass is for one hour and includes cheese and wine sampling.

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