Hetty's Kitchen

Now is your chance to get a few tips on how to make the best brownies at home from Henrietta Kitt the founder of Hetty’s Kitchen.

It takes a unique kind of weirdo to build a business like this. No normal person has sleepless nights over whether they put enough lemon zest in a cake, or whether that meringue will be just the right amount of crispy vs chewy. But it’s this level of obsessive passion that meant building Hetty’s Kitchen was the only way to go.

Hetty’s make incredibly tasty cakes, traybakes and fudging delicious brownies from their kitchen in an Old Match Factory in Gloucester.

We are pretty lucky to live in Gloucestershire, to borrow a line from the packaging of their local butter supplier Netherend Farm ‘The richest dairy pastures lie… Betwixt the Severn and the Wye’. It really is a fantastic area for produce, and we are proud to support local artisans such as Netherend farm and Shipton Mill flour. We also make sure our egg’s are free range and our sugar is fair trade. If you want cakes that taste great, they have to be made with great produce by people who care about what they make.