Cotswolds Barbecue Championship ©2023

Team Rules

Team Rules

These rules cover attendance at, and participation in the Cotswolds Barbecue Championship© taking place across Saturday 22nd July and Sunday 23rd July. Rules and regulations specific to taking part in either the CompBBQUK Champion Series Freestyle contest (22nd) or the Kansas City Barbecue Society contest (23rd) will be documented independently.

Name, Date and Location
The overall event will be known as the Cotswolds Barbecue Championship© and will take place on Saturday 22nd June and Sunday 23rd June. The location for the contest will be Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham GL50 1SD.

Contest Specific Rules: Cotswolds Barbecue Championship©

Day 1 Structure and Rounds
CompBBQUK sanctioned contest conforming to CompBBQUK Champion Series contest rules and regulations.
Contest will be known as Cotswolds Freestyle Barbecue Championship
Contest will be freestyle within the bounds of these rules.
Contest will consist of three rounds.
Round 1 – tbc
Round 2 – tbc
Round 3 – tbc

Limited pre preparation is permitted but should only consist of ingredient preparation and should not involve combining of ingredients.

a) Between two buns-any form of sandwich or burger to the teams best ability.

b) Cheese – The dish must somehow incorporate cheese. For example think Philly cheese steaks smoked ploughman’s et cetera. 

c) Cotswold picnic and cocktail-Must contain at least three proteins and a cocktail.

d) Show stopper pork, celebration of local favourite Gloucester Old Spot, this round must have at least 3 elements of pork cooked in 3 different ways.

All cooking must take place during the designated contest timeframes.
Draft timelines for Saturday 22nd July 2024

09:30 – Cooks Meeting

10:00 – Judges Registration

10:30 – Judges Meeting

12:30 – 13:00 – Round 1 turn in window

13:30 – 14:00 – Round 2 turn in window

14:30 – 15:00 – Round 3 turn in window

16:00 (approx. depending on scores being available) Awards.

16:30 (approx.) Cooks meeting for KCBS contest and KCBS meat inspection.

Day Two Structure and Rounds

BBQ Sauces

4. – Day 2 will take place on 23rd July 2024
Contest will be known as Cotswolds KCBS Barbecue Championship
Contest will be sanctioned, run, and judged in accordance with KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) rules.

Draft timelines for Saturday 23rd July 2024

07:07 – 707

10:00 – Judges Registration

10:30 – Judges Meeting

12:00 – Chicken Turn In

12:30 – Ribs Turn In

13:00 – Pork Teun In

13:30 – Brisket Turn In

16:00 – Awards

Contest Specific Rules: Cotswolds Barbecue Championship©

Standard Rules (applies to both CompBBQUK and KCBS Sanctioned Contests)
All cooking must take place on barbecues / smokers that derive their heat source from burning solid natural fuels (charcoal, wood, or pellets).
All cooking must take place at the location of the contest, within allotted timeframes of the contest and in accordance with the rules and regulations of each contest.
Cooks and teams must ensure that all preparation and cooking is done in hygienic and sanitary conditions.
Teams can consist of 1 – 4 named individuals with one team member designated the head cook who is considered responsible for the team during the event.
Teams are not permitted to share the use of barbecues, smokers, or team areas during the contests.
Each team will be permitted a single entry and in accordance with the requirements for each round laid out within the rules of the respective contests.

Local Rules

6.1. – Arrival: Teams may arrive Thursday 20th June 09:00 to 19:00,

Friday 21st June 08:30 – 11:00 (festival opens to the public from 12:00). 

6.2.  – Car passes will be emailed out in advance of the event, the passes must be displayed on the vehicals dashboard, showing a contact mobile number in case of an emergency.

6.3 – General information with directions to the event will be emailed out in advance.

6.4. – Teams are responsible for providing or sourcing all of their own equipment, the event will not be providing equipment unless previously agreed.

6.5. – It is a condition of the event (as with both CompBBQUK and KCBS rules) that all teams have a suitable fire extinguisher and fire blanket easily accessible in their team area.

6.6. – No open fires or fire pits are permitted at all due to the requirements of the event location.

6.7. – All hot ash and embers must be disposed of in the designated bins provided.

6.8. – Do not tip hot ash or embers onto the grass.

6.9. – All recycling and refuse must be disposed of in the provided skip or taken off site.

6.10. – Every care must be taken not to damage the ground or environment of the contest location. You must leave your team, contest area and event location as you found it.

6.11. – Quiet Time
During quiet time all competitors, judges and all those involved with the contest must keep all noise to an absolute minimum. This should be judged as no noise that is audible outside of your team area. The park is located in a residential area, please be considerate to the locals.

Quiet time will be from 21:00 to 07:30 from Thursday 20th through to Monday 24th June.

Cotswolds Barbecue Championship©2023 Garden Events Limited.

Cotswolds BBQ Competition©2023 Garden Events Limited.