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Our Masterclasses

Wine Masterclass
In all our wine masterclasses, you will be led through a tasting of 6 to 8 wines. Gaining the knowledge of how to appreciate wine you will encounter in the future. During the Masterclass, we will engage your senses: smell, taste, sight; we will go beyond to leave you thirsty for more experiences and knowledge that wine has to offer!

Cheese Masterclass
Love cheese? then this is for you an unmissable, unique experience.
Can you tell the difference between English and French mould ripened cheeses? What do you know about the ageing of cheese, and the way it changes as it ages? What should you include in the perfect cheeseboard?

You can experience your tasting hosted by leading experts and each masterclass has carefully selected cheese for you to explore.

Drinks Masterclass
Shake, stir and sip your way through our Drinks Masterclasses, hosted by our friendly experts. Exploring the world of drinks from Whisky to Gin to Craft Beer to Rum. A world of taste for the senses. At the masterclass, they will be sharing tips and tricks of creating the best drink styles,

Friday - 24th June 2022

Saturday 25th June 2022

Sunday 26th June 2022