Unleash the Cheese Creativity – The Cheeseworks Masterclass – 11.00am to 12.00pm

This Masterclass is focused on unique, stunning cheeses that you wouldn’t have tried elsewhere. The cheeses are going to be made in front of you and you will be able to taste them all.

The cheeses that will be presented may look familiar, but after attending this masterclass you will find that they all have been transformed and bespoke created. Amazing cheeses, different methods

You will have the opportunity to truffle a “Wigmore mini, learning what to do, more importantly those who make the cheese to standard can take their own creation home.

The cheeses used and on tasting will be Truffle Brie de Meaux, Langres washed in Gin, Fresh triple cream cheese filled and wrapped in wine-soaked raisins and ultimately the Truffle Wigmore we will be making.

Recognised as one of the finest British cheesemongers, the CheeseWorks is a family owned business providing cheese hampers, fine cheese and various other delights from their Cheltenham cheese shop.

This Cheese Masterclass is for one hour and includes cheese and sampling. Tickets are £7.00 and can bebooked online.

The Cheeseworks

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