NoLo Cocktails - Non Alcoholic Cocktails

Non Alcoholic Cocktails, hassle free mocktail recipes & ingredients delivered straight to your door for when you choose not to drink.

Do you want to sleep better? Be less Anxious?

These were the main benefits that Hari found when giving up alcohol four years ago. Other benefits include better skin and you may even lose weight. Never having a hangover has been bliss!

Whether you want to cut down or stop completely, having alternatives which are just as tasty has been an important factor in Hari’s success at stopping drinking alcohol.

Join her on an alcohol free journey, discovering new mocktail recipes and reaping the benefits of an alcohol free lifestyle!

This talk is free, so no pre-booked tickets and runs for 60minutes, it is a case of arriving 15minutes before the class starts, it is first come first seated.