‘Just a Pinch!’ – 3.30pm to 4.15pm

Throw yourself into unchartered waters and discover your love of seafood with this demonstration from Head Chef, David Hall.

Hailing from the Hook restaurant at The Fish Hotel, David will be bringing the flavours of the sea to the Cotswolds with a gorgeously creamy crab risotto. One lucky participant from the audience will not only give him a helping hand to cook the dish but will also have the oh-so difficult job of being our certified taste tester too (it’s a tough job!). 

With emphasis on responsible sourcing and sustainability, David hopes to pass on his passion for cooking and appreciation for the environment.

(Note: Things are as fresh as they can get at The Fish Hotel so this demonstration will include the cooking of a live crab)

Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, The Fish Hotel, is your back-to-nature bolt-hole with a little splash of luxury. Set within the 400-acre grounds of Farncombe Estate, it has something for everyone from quirky huts to breath-taking treehouses. At the centre, The Lodge, homed to their fabulous restaurant, Hook, where laid-back dining perfectly intertwines with a luxurious celebration of seafood.


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