Eva Humphries – Wholefood Warrior.

Eva Humphries, a Nottingham-based, leading BANT registered nutritionist with a realistic take on nutrition.

Somewhere along the way, we blew this nutrition thing out of proportion so I have a really relaxed approach to it which is less about rigid rules and cutting everything out and more about easy ways to add in nutrients.

Fundamentally we just need more nutrients. The rest is a bit fluffy around the edges, even with the best science applied to it.

Plus, like most people, I like a treat every now and then and you know what, there is more to good nutrition and there is definitely room for a bit of flexibility.

A self-appointed carrot cake expert and appreciator of good food, Eva’s focus is to make healthy eating about delicious dishes.

Her easy to follow, energetic cookery demonstrations create the kind of recipes that are nutritious, are big on flavour and can actually be recreated at home, all whilst providing a bit of light-hearted healthy eating education to attendees.


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