Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

In these conditions

  1. a) ‘the Organiser’ shall mean Garden Events Limited,
  1. b) ‘the Exhibitor’ means a company, firm or person or persons by whom an application to exhibit at an exhibition or show or festival organised by the Organiser is made
  1. c) ‘Exhibition’ means an exhibition event or Festival or show organised by the Organiser and specified in the application form.
  1. d) ‘the Venue’ means the building or space and any area or rooms and/or outside space where the exhibition or show or festival is to take place.
  1. e) ‘the Stand’ means any exhibition space, shell, stand, marquee, tent, open space, hospitality suite or other suite allocated to the Exhibitor attending the Exhibition.
  1. f) ‘the Authority’ shall mean anybody legally authorised for making regulations.
  1. g) ‘the Contractors’ shall mean any firm, person or company employed by the Venue or Organiser or Exhibitor for erection, fitting out or other work on any area in the Exhibition.
  1. Acceptance of Conditions.

In making an application to exhibit in an Exhibition the Exhibitor shall be deemed to accept these Conditions. No conditions other than those herein shall be binding on the Organiser or the Exhibitor unless set out in writing and signed by or on behalf of both parties. The Organiser reserves the right to accept or refuse any application without stating any reason.

  1. Booking Exhibition Space, payment and cancellation by the Exhibitor

(a) Applications can only be made on the official exhibition contract and must be accompanied with a 50% deposit. (Applications made after 1st March must be accompanied with a 100% payment)

(b) The balance of the exhibiting fee must be paid by the Due Date as per contract. We reserve the right to insist that payment be made by cleared funds after this date.

(c) Cancellation by the Exhibitor must be made in writing either by recorded letter or by Email sent to the Organiser at their Registered Company Address.

(d) Refunds of any money paid will be as per 2(e) minus a £35.00 administration fee to cover staff time spent on the original booking and the time on the cancellation.

(e) Cancellation six months (6 months) before the exhibition opening date: full refund minus £35 administration fee. Cancellation four months (4 months) before the exhibition opening date: 70% of any money paid minus the £35.00 administration fee. Cancellation three months (3 months) 45% of any money paid minus the £35.00 administration fee. Cancellation Two months (2 months) before the exhibition opening date No Refund of any money paid.

(f) The balance of the booking fee will remain payable on cancellation by the Exhibitor unless written notice of cancellation is received by the Organiser at least eight weeks (2 months) before the opening of the Exhibition.

(g) Exhibition spaces will be allocated by the Organiser in the order in which the bookings are received. Whilst the Organiser will endeavour to meet the wishes of the Exhibitor, regarding the location of the Exhibitor’s choice of stand, allocation of space remains at the absolute discretion of the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to alter the allocation of space for any reason, even if already allocated.

(h) The Exhibitor agrees to accept whatever space is allocated to him by the Organiser if the first choice of stand is not available.

(i) It will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor to check, in each case, that the space allocated to the Exhibitor is suitable for its purposes and ensure that its stand or display can be accommodated within it.

(j) Without prejudice to the Organiser’s other rights hereunder, if the Exhibitor fails to make payment on the due dates, it shall pay the Organiser interest from the due date to the actual date of payment (after as well as before any Judgement) on the balance from time to time outstanding at the rate being 3% per annum above the base rate from time to time during such period of National Westminster Bank PLC.

(k) No Exhibitor shall be allowed to sublet or share space except with the written consent of the Organiser.

(l) The Organiser reserves the right to alter the published floor plan.

  1. Right to refuse or withdraw space or exhibits:

Even if the Organiser has accepted the Exhibitor’s application to exhibit, the Organiser reserves the right to:

(a) Refuse to allocate space in the Exhibition to the Exhibitor.

(b) Withdraw space in the Exhibition from the Exhibitor; or

(c) Require the Exhibitor to withdraw or amend any of its display/ materials or demonstrations if, in the Organisers opinion, the nature of the exhibitor’s display, materials or demonstrations or the behaviour of the Exhibitor, its servants or agents is likely to endanger public safety, to cause offence or annoyance to the public or other exhibitors or to be otherwise out of keeping with the Exhibition. If space is refused or withdrawn before the opening of the Exhibition, the Organiser shall refund any fees paid to it by the Exhibitor in respect of its proposed participation in the exhibition.

  1. Exhibition Timetable.

The Organiser will provide the Exhibitor with a timetable/manual specifying the dates and operating times before opening outlining:

(a) When the Exhibitor can erect and set up its stand and display.

(b) When the Exhibition will be open to the public.

(c) When the Exhibitor must dismantle and remove from the venue its stand, display and all materials brought by the exhibitor into the venue. The Exhibitor agrees to comply with the timetable.

(d) All goods delivered to the Exhibition must be accompanied by or received by a representative of the Exhibitor.

(e) All Exhibits and goods shall be removed from the Venue by the Exhibitor immediately after the exhibition officially closes on the final day of the Exhibition.

  1. Erection and Dismantling.

(a) The Exhibitor is responsible for all arrangements for and costs of erecting and dismantling all structures and fittings used by it in the Exhibition (with the exception of any shell scheme, marquee, tent provided by the Organiser and or Contractor).

(b) The Exhibitor is responsible for the conduct and control of any agents, contractors or others engaged by the Exhibitor for the construction, fitting dressing and dismantling of its stand and display.

(c) No source of power may be used other than that provided by the Venue and the Exhibitor, its servants and agents must not interfere with the electrical fittings provided.

  1. Canvassing.

(a) The Exhibitor may only canvass for orders and distribute circulars, price lists and other printed materials at its own stand and in respect of the products exhibited by it.

  1. Warranties; the Exhibitor warrants:

(a) That all written, pictorial, audio or audio-visual materials brought into the Venue contain nothing defamatory or that infringes copyright or any other rights belonging to third parties.

(b) That all products and materials brought into the Venue and that everything done by the Exhibitor in connection with the Exhibition shall comply with the requirements of Health and Safety and all other current legislation and of the Local Authority and in particular that all materials used for building or decorating stands shall be non-flammable and all electrical fittings and device shall comply with all statutory and Local Authority requirements.

(c) That all product or other demonstrations carried out on exhibitor’s behalf shall not endanger public safety and shall be performed by suitably qualified employees or agents of the Exhibitor.

(d) That no equipment used will cause nuisance by noise, light, audio or interference with other equipment and that nothing on its display or the conduct of it will cause a blockage of any gangways, walkways, footpaths or other annoyance to neighbouring exhibitors and the public in general.

(e) The Exhibitor’s stand must be staffed by a competent representative of the Exhibitor during published open times and all exhibits must be on display.

  1. Indemnities; The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organiser against:

(a) Any loss or damage caused by the Exhibitor, its servants or agents to any property of the Organiser, the Venue, Contractors or other exhibitors.

(b) Any expenses, damages and costs incurred in respect of any claims whatsoever made against the Organiser by any person, firm or company arising from the breach by the Exhibitor of any of these Conditions or otherwise in connection with the Exhibitor’s participation in the Exhibition.

(c) The Exhibitor shall in every respect comply with all relevant regulations issued by the Local Authority, Fire Authority, Police and the Landlords or Venue owners

(d) Any Exhibitor causing any damage to the Venue or any person whomsoever must pay for the same and hold the Organiser’s indemnified against the same.

  1. Publicity by the Organiser.

(a) The Organiser will promote the Exhibition by advertising in a way deemed to be the most beneficial. The Organiser does not give any guarantees as to likely attendance figures for the Exhibition.

  1. Postponement and Cancellation by the Organiser; The Organiser may postpone or cancel the Exhibition:

(a) On giving the Exhibitor written notice of the postponement or cancellation at least 4 weeks before the Exhibition’s opening date.

(b) Up to 4 weeks before the Exhibition’s opening date if in the Organisers opinion insufficient bookings have been taken for the Exhibition to be a successful marketing event.

(c) At any time should any circumstances arise due to flood, fire, strikes, disputes, lockouts, failure of light or power, war, terrorism, bombs, Royal family death, public health events — such as flu, epidemic, serious illness, plagues, disease, pandemic emergency or virus outbreaks or any act of God and including Government enforcement of closures and cancelations of public events under English Law which were unforeseen by the Organiser when it accepted the Exhibitor’s booking and which are beyond the Organiser’s control and which in the Organiser’s opinion make it impracticable for the Exhibition to proceed. Shall not have any claim against the Organiser’s for liability loss, damage or expense which may be incurred by the Exhibitor. The Organiser’s shall be entitled to retain all monies paid by way of rent or otherwise and to be paid all monies due under this contract and unpaid by the exhibitor or such as the Organiser in their absolute discretion shall consider reasonable.

  1. Limitation of Organisers Liability

(a) The Organiser’s liability in respect of postponement or cancellation by it under Clause 10 above shall be limited to the refund of the total booking fee paid by the Exhibitor except where the cancellation is due to 10(c)

(b) The Exhibitor exhibits at the Exhibition at its own risk and the Organiser shall accept no liability in respect of any loss, theft or damage whatsoever which is caused to the Exhibitor by the actions or property of other exhibitors, contractors or members of the public or which arises from the Exhibitor’s use or occupation of the Venue.

  1. Insurance

(a) The Venue effects public liability insurance on its own behalf. A copy of the insurance policy can be inspected on request.

(b) The Exhibitor will maintain employers and public liability insurance policies to cover relevant liabilities, which it may incur as an exhibitor at the Exhibition, and other such insurance to cover its liabilities under these Terms and Conditions. The Organiser may request proof of insurance cover. A minimum of two million pounds sterling Public Liability is required.

(c) The Organiser shall carry its own public liabilities insurance, a minimum of five million pounds sterling. Exhibitors are still required to have their own public liabilities insurance.

  1. General

(a) The Exhibitor will ensure that their staff are aware of the positions of the exits in case of Fire or other emergencies.

(b) The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any person admission to the Exhibition without giving a reason.

(c) Security provided by the Organiser is for the protection of the Exhibition overall and the Exhibitor is responsible for the security of any goods or personal belongings brought to the Exhibition.

(d) The Organiser will not be held responsible for any theft of goods at the exhibition; it is the Exhibitors responsibility to have appropriate insurance cover.

(e) The Exhibitor will ensure their staff are fully trained with general hygiene and when handling food fully trained in food hygiene.

(f) Exhibitors handling, selling, preparing food must have a Food Hygiene Certificate and/or registration from their local Council

  1. The Allocation of space

(a) The allocation of space to any Exhibitor by the Organiser does not create any lease or tenancy and the Exhibitor may not, without the prior written consent of the Organiser, transfer the whole or any part of the space allocated to it nor divide or exchange the space with another Exhibitor.

  1. Demonstrations

(a) No demonstrations of exhibits may take place in a nature likely to cause obstruction in any gangway, footpath, walkways or interference with the business of other Exhibitors.

  1. Governing Law

The Contract evidenced by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the “Exhibitor” and the “Organiser” submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of England and Wales Courts.

  1. Display. All Stands, Display and Stock etc are:

(a) To be removed from the venue building by 9pm on the last day of opening.

(b) To be supervised and not left unattended at any time.

(c) All rubbish to be bagged and placed in the waste skip provided

  1. Equipment Hire.

(a) The exhibitor is always responsible for the condition of equipment hired/loaned from the Organiser and or Contractors. The Organiser and or Contractor will require immediate compensation for any loss or damage.

  1. The Exhibition is an outdoor event

The Exhibition is an outdoor event which may be affected by rain and natural weather conditions in general, the Organiser shall accept no liability in respect of any act caused by the weather or an act of God or an act of nature.

  1. Build Up Day

(a) All exhibitors are required to set up on the day before the first public open day

(b) Allocated times will be given for arrival and set up

(c) Any Exhibitor arriving to set up on a Public open day will not be allowed access to the venue

(d) No refund of stand payment will be given if an Exhibitor is turned away from the venue as per 20. (c)

  1. Break Down Day

(a) Breakdown of stands or removal of any equipment will not be permitted before 17.30 for Health & Safety reasons.

(b) No equipment or stock can be removed until site is clear of all public visitors.

(c) Dismantling times of stands:              17.30 – 20.00

(d) Vehicle access:                                  18.30 – 20.30

  1. Restocking of Stands

(a) Restocking of stands is permitted before the official public open times and after the official public closing times

(b) No restocking is permitted during the official public open times unless permission is granted by the Organiser

Garden Events Limited

Registered in England No. 05972010