Memsahib Gin and Tea Bar – 3.30pm to 4.15pm

 Litu Mohiuddin, a Michelin Guide and Good Food Award winner chef patron leads the team at Memsahib Gin and Tea bar.

The brand was founded on telling the story of exceptional women who resided in both India and Cheltenham and devoted their work towards women empowerment.

Located at the heart of Cheltenham’s Promenade, the restaurant’s ethos is green, local and sustainable cooking. The bar is well known for their unique house crafted Gin & Tonic and the restaurant for their tasting menus and afternoon tea. Throughout the year they host Jazz, acoustic & pop funk along with experience based Gin infusion masterclass and cookery class on Sundays.

Facebook:  MemsahibGT

Twitter:  memsahibgin

Instagram:  memsahibbar